A Model For Maturity

Profile of A Disciple

Maturing Disciple
  Know  Principles to Know and Live Out
Do Actions to Be Taken
  Be Demonstrated in Relationships
Relationship to God • How theology impacts life • Regular study of God’s Word • Qualified as spiritually mature
• Identity in Christ • Yielding to Holy Spirit's ministries: filling, convicting, guiding • Sensible: well ordered mind & self-mastery of thought
• Ever deepening dependence/trust in God
• Discernment • Act upon identity in Christ • Growing in contentment in all circumstances
• Abiding in Christ
Relationship to Body • Believe in vision of the church and its strategies • Teach, train, equip others for life/ministry • Servant/leader
• Attractive, radiant life
• Differentiates between form and function within the church • Mentor men & women in ministry areas of personal strengths • Good reputation, faithful, not a gossip, pure in thought
• Knows how to mentor leaders • Protect church from internal/external threats • Caring, encouraging, loving, supportive, submissive, humble
Relationship to Family • Biblical principles of dealing with complex family issues • Mentor young men & women in ordering their family lives • Servant to each family member
• Dignified–worthy of respect
• Help develop other families • Implement plan to care for parents • Gracious & forgiving at home
Relationship to World • Understands and communicates to non-Christians • Lead others in spreading gospel by example and word • World Christian with all its ramifications
• Understands cultural world views & Biblical approaches to those views • A missionary in sphere of influence
• Model maturity in difficult times


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