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For a long time I have wondered why some people "choose" God and some don't. In my own life I [have] thought "Why did I decide to accept the Truth, and so many others refuse to listen?" Your commentary makes a lot more sense to me now. Please let me know if I got this right...

a) All men are being directed to God and his Salvation.
b) If we "go with the flow", (look for it) we will find/receive it.
c) The only choice we have is to deny/reject it.
d) It is not our choice to accept it (we have been pointed in that direction already).

It is still a bit difficult for me to put in words this concept, but I understand it much better now. How about this? At birth, we are like a ship set out on a course. We are instinctively (for want of a better word) put on this heading. If we continue on the path, we will get the understanding (salvation) that we instinctively seek. However, due to our own lusts, we either decide to continue the straight, change direction, or turn around completely.

Does this make sense? I am just trying to put your article in a few words, and I don't think I am doing it too well.

But it has cleared up a lot for me. I always thought it the other way around.

Let me know if any of what I said made sense.



Eric Landstrom's Reply


After reading your summary, I believe that you have properly digested the meat of my argument.

Like your own nautical analogy:

1) Man is a like the captain of a ship with a sure helmsman who is guiding man on a long voyage to a great and distant port.
2) The Lord God is at the helm and shall keep this ship on course with a sure compass avoiding other ports of call that tempt the captain.
3) Man can dismiss this helmsman.
4) But without a helmsman the captain is lost and set adrift upon the high seas not knowing where he goes, always seeking the great port of call, but with no port in sight.

Regardless, be I right or be I wrong, I strongly urge you to study with your mind's eye upon the Lord and show yourself approved. I say this because I want you to recognize that I do not claim to have a perfect understanding or a perfect comprehension of biblical truth. Therefore, in this regard, it is up to you to use your discernment of the truth and test my words, or any mans words, against Scripture to see if they are indeed true.


Eric Landstrom


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