Are you saying that any man who doesn't reject God will be saved?

No, I am saying that the ministry of God the Spirit will continually draw all men torwards the goal of affirming the truth of the gospel and the message of John 14:6; that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. The story of Cornelius serves as an example: Acts 10:2 reports that Cornelius was a devout man who feared God, who shared with his neighbors and prayed to the Lord always. According to Scripture this man could not have been drawing nearer to the Lord without the Lord's ministry. Yet so far removed was Cornelius from the truth that he fell before Peter and tried to worship him in Acts 10:25. This doesn't seem to be the action of a man who obviously has the Spirit of God working within his heart, yet isn't said to have been saved until he had heard the gospel preached by Peter in Acts 10:38-43. Regardless, Acts 10:2-8 make it clear that God was working within the man's heart. So much that God was about to offer Cornelius even more light by sending Peter to him so that he could enter into salvation by the grace of God.

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