1. Pray for - Pray daily for that person, by name, holding them before the throne of God, using Scriptural promises. Pray for God to do the miraculous intervention that is necessary for anyone's salvation.

2. Pray with - Pray directly with that person. Place your hand on their shoulder when you pray. Ask God to do specific things. Trust God to work.

3. Contact - Contact includes any personal contact from saying good morning, to working shoulder to shoulder. Contact by phone counts to. This is "presence" evangelism.

4. Conversation - A conversation can be about any subject but must exceed the normal casual 'Hello, How are you, your family etc.' It involves a discussion of something.

5. Activity - Doing something together. Anything other than work you are forced to do because you are at the same place of employement. Can be anything from eating a meal, going for a walk, a sport, watching TV, etc.

6. Invitation - Invitation is giving direction or counsel to someone where they can find spiritual food. It may be an invitation to church, a Christian concert, a Bible Study, to listen to a radio station, or to see an evangelist (or other evangelistic event).

7. Book - Giving the person any Christian literature other than a Bible. It could be a tract or short article from a magazine, or a book you either buy for or suggest to them. A Daily Bread Devotional counts.

8. Bible - This is a direct encouragement to read the Scriptures for themselves. It should involve directing them in what to read, how to read, or giving them some self study guide, but the guide is optional and not the point. The Bible will do its job.

9. Testimony - A personal testimony of something God has done for you, present or past. It is 'story telling.'-- i.e. "This is what happened to me..."

10. Four Laws - Sharing a CLEAR presentation of the Gospel that includes, Mans sin and separation from God, God's love and grace, Christ's death for them, and an invitation to Receive Jesus personally.



Every week, (Sunday is a good day for this) check up on yourself to see if
you are doing your best, howbeit as small part, in leading a friend to Jesus
Christ. If 10 friends is too much, (for most of us it is) start with just
two or three friends or relatives that you want to bring to Christ.



Did I......(check the activities you accomplished)

 Week #  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
 1. Pray for                    
 2. Pray with                    
 3. Contact                    
 4. Conversation                    
 5. Activity                    
 6. Invitation                    
 7. Book                    
 8. Bible                    
 9. Testimony                    
 10. Four Laws                    

We labor not for outselves, but for the glory of the Lord Almighty!

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